Friday, February 17, 2006

Vintage Southwest Goodness

Rescued this from a junk pile a few days ago. It's a crappy picture -- sorry -- and the board's seen better days. I don't have the instructions or any game pieces, but after spending all of 5 minutes "researching", Wa Hoo appears to be a variant (or maybe simply another name for) Pachisi, an Indian (the country this time) game dating from 4 AD. Each player moves his or her tokens around the board according to dice rolls, with the object being to "make it home". Wa Hoo seems to date from the 1940s, but bear in mind that 5 minutes of researching gets you only so much info. My game board is simple chip board with no frame. One of the corners is labeled:

On the reverse side, there's a paper red/black checkers (chess) board glued onto the chip board.

A quick search through Google shows that the game is still commericially available under the same name with updated artwork, as well as with differently themed artwork. I found playing instructions at ... follow the "Rules" link.


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