Friday, August 25, 2006

Dimensions Beyond Time and Space

Just kidding, it's actually only "Dimensions Beyond Tic Tac Toe".

The Game of Trinary
by Skor-Mor, 1976.

Essentially the game boils down to tic tac toe in 3 "dimensions". Two players take turns placing their pieces until all the spots are taken. The player with the most rows wins. Rows can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, and in one plane or three. The playing instructions include descriptions of a number of game variations.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box and found that the playing pieces, while gloriously pictured on the cover as some kind of shiny silver and gold material, were in fact merely black and white plastic.

I've seen the same game before, but with wooden playing boards and a center support column (as opposed to the curved plastic side support). Actually, I'm pretty sure I have that one somewhere ...

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


The store's been open for about a month now, after being closed for five weeks for remodeling. It's been hard to find much spare time lately so updates have been non-existent. Now that things have settled back into a semblance of a routine, I should be able to update regularly.

The remodel was a lot of work: paneled a cinder block wall, widened a doorway, added a pass-through window in an interior wall, cut a doorway in a cinder block wall, finished out a 300 sqft addition with insulation and paneling, and more odds and ends that I care to dwell on. Neither of us having done this type of work before, I'm sure it took us longer than it should have. But now that we have all this experience behind us, we'd do it much faster ... we'd hire someone!

Actually, this entry is really only here so that I can post a scary picture. Boys and girls, power tools are dangerous and should only be operated under proper adult supervision.

You'd think that almost cutting your thumb off at 9pm on Saturday during July 4th weekend would mean that your ER visit might not be pleasant or timely. Luckily for me, it was both easy and quick. The only delay was caused by everyone wanting to come into the room to see the dummy who almost lost a thumb -- it was a slow night for them.