Saturday, October 14, 2006

Block Party!

If you're in Austin, TX make sure to come on by and check out the annual North Loop Block Party on Sunday (that's tomorrow!). Weather permitting, there will be bands, food, drink, shopping, etc.

Austin Modern -- (shameless plug for Elle's store) awesome vintage-lifestyle outfitter
RoomService Vintage -- 25 years in business says it all!
Montage & Slinky Whistlebait -- vintage clothing destinations, side-by-side!
Hogwild -- more vintage shopping goodness.
The Peddler -- the place to go for bicycles and bicycle repair.
Sound on Sound -- music, music, music!

The Parlour -- awesome pizza.
Ararat -- great Middle-Eastern food.

Friday, October 13, 2006

iPod-killer from 1957 ?

Elle picked up a bunch of old electronics magazines from the '50s a few days ago. A few of them were "Popular Electronics", and I noticed that all them had women featured on the covers. I'm not sure if the editors (publishers?) were trying to reach out to a female audience, or if they thought their male audience would be more likely to purchase the magazine if there was a woman on the cover. Were they saying "Electronics isn't just for boys anymore"? Or maybe "If a girl can do this project, you boys can too"? Or even "If you build this project, the girls will be all up ons"? Am I reading too much into this? Do I ask a lot of questions? Will I ever stop?

Here's my favorite cover so far. Doesn't that totally look like an iPod? OK, well maybe it doesn't look exactly like an iPod.

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