Friday, October 13, 2006

iPod-killer from 1957 ?

Elle picked up a bunch of old electronics magazines from the '50s a few days ago. A few of them were "Popular Electronics", and I noticed that all them had women featured on the covers. I'm not sure if the editors (publishers?) were trying to reach out to a female audience, or if they thought their male audience would be more likely to purchase the magazine if there was a woman on the cover. Were they saying "Electronics isn't just for boys anymore"? Or maybe "If a girl can do this project, you boys can too"? Or even "If you build this project, the girls will be all up ons"? Am I reading too much into this? Do I ask a lot of questions? Will I ever stop?

Here's my favorite cover so far. Doesn't that totally look like an iPod? OK, well maybe it doesn't look exactly like an iPod.

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